If you are like the people on our RiverCross team, you are pulled in many directions. You are juggling carpools, soccer games, church responsibilities, work, family, and more.  So why do you give your time, talent, and treasure to RiverCross?   

I asked Heather Faucette, our volunteer Champion Development Coordinator this question, and here’s what she said:  


I believe that orphans and vulnerable children have more than just physical needs that need to be met. That the trauma that they have experienced hinders the children from receiving love, hope, and ultimately the good news of Jesus Christ.


I am convinced that most effective way to reach these children is to equip the beautiful people who are with them on a day-in, day-out basis, the indigenous caregivers, with the tools they need so they can break through the barrier of trauma and introduce the children to Jesus.


I love the way that RiverCross uses the unique method of audio dramas as the mechanism to deliver this training and ultimately the message of true hope in Christ.  I love that we focus on areas of the world where the need is greatest and our storycentric methodology will be most effective. And I love that the content is contextualized for global cultures rather than being centered in the Western world. 


When my husband, Matt, and I are considering where to invest our time, talent, and treasure, we ask several questions: 

  • Is the ministry gospel-centric?  
  • Is there a need for this ministry?     
  • Is this ministry effective?  
  • Is there a strong business model? 
  • ​Is there strong leadership?

As we prayed about our involvement with RiverCross, learned about the ministry and the need, met with Cindy and got to see her heart and witness her leadership, heard how God is already transforming the lives of caregivers and children through RiverCross, saw the intentionality of the strategic plan, and learned about the network and reach of TWR that is available to RiverCross ... we became convinced that the answer to all of these questions was a resounding yes!  


Why RiverCross?


Because God is using RiverCross to make a difference. And ... it makes us happy.  


Click on this link to read more about Heather, and the rest of our RiverCross Team. And if you would like to get involved, check out this link and join us in building bridges of hope for the world’s most vulnerable children. 

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