Rachel Hinds plays the role of Sarah in both Holding Esther and Jabota Bridge. Rachel is studying performing arts at the BRIT School, and brings such authenticity as well as sass to the role of Sarah. Girls who have experienced abuse will relate to Sarah and hear that they are not to blame for what others have done to them. You can listen to Sarah’s story by clicking on this link, scrolling down, and listening to episodes 1-7 of Holding Esther.

Esther: We need to be strong. Mama and Papa would want us to. 
Sarah: Yes, I know. 
Esther: We’ve no other place to go. We need to eat. We need a place to sleep. 
Sarah: I know. I’ll be strong, Esther. I promise.
Esther: Shhh. He’s coming!

Sarah, played by Rachel Hinds, is Esther’s sister. Do you see what we did there? Sarah and Esther are sisters, and Rachel and Natalia Hinds are sisters! While both girls experience extreme trauma, Sarah’s is far more damaging and she runs away from the compassion offered to her. In "Jabota Bridge," Sarah has begun to heal but still wants to run back to the streets when circumstances within the safe house get tough.

The character of Sarah is designed to help orphans and vulnerable children cope with the trauma they have experienced and show them there is hope for true healing and no shame in struggling to accept compassion from others after experiencing real pain.

We finished recording the first 8 episodes of Jabota Bridge and have begun the post production! There are of course additional costs associated with post production and we need your help to reach the $60,000 need. We ask you to prayerfully consider giving today.


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