Natalia Hinds plays the role of Esther in our first audio drama, Holding Esther, and is now back in that role for our new production, Jabota Bridge. Natalia is an up-and-coming star and was recently nominated for an “Offie” for her one-woman show, #RandomSelfies, but she has been a star with RiverCross since the pilot production of Holding Esther.

Jabota Bridge is designed to help orphans and vulnerable children cope with the trauma they have experienced. The characters, played by Natalia and others that you will meet in the coming weeks, are boys and girls that have experienced tragedies such as the deaths of their parents, fleeing to refugee camps, being impacted by war, and more. The stories are being designed so that children who listen to the stories will immerse themselves in the story, identify with the characters, gain understanding that they are not alone in the world, and have the opportunity to connect with adults who can walk with them from the place where their trauma defines them to a place where they experience the healing and hope that only Christ can bring. Natalia and her character Esther are at the center of this narrative that will become a bridge of hope for so many hurting children.

Her mother’s dying words were, “Take care of your sister.” Esther took this seriously, so seriously, that she carried the weight of her sister, Sarah’s, abuse and exploitation as her own.

Esther’s journey is one of healing and hope as she learns to grieve and look to the future. In Jabota Bridge, Esther makes a tragic mistake that nearly forces the girls out on the street and away from safe shelter. For Esther’s backstory, listen to Holding Esther,and look forward to hearing the rest of the story in Jabota Bridge in which Esther and the girls walk through danger, grief, and loss in a way that is honest, authentic, and hopeful.

We finished recording the first 8 episodes of Jabota Bridge and have begun the post production! There are of course additional costs associated with post production and we need your help to reach the $60,000 need. We ask you to prayerfully consider giving today.