Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
    I have called you by name, you are mine.

Isaiah 43:1b

God changes stories. He does it all the time. 

  • Her parents may say she's unwanted.
  • Their death may leave her alone.
  • Her trafficker may call her disposable and leave her on the side of the road, broken, sick, and without hope.

But her story is not over. Jesus is the author of her story and he is not done. He has been there with her all along, in her flood and in her fire. And now, he sings a new song over her ...

I have redeemed you! I have called you by name! You are mine!

As her legs crumble under her and her head sinks into the red dust, He sings ...

I have redeemed you! I have called you by name! You are mine!

Her cries are silent now. She's barely breathing. Her will to live is fading. And still he sings ...

I have redeemed you! I have called you by name! You are mine!

A kind man sees her on the side of the road and stops. He can hardly believe what he is seeing. Who would do this to a child? Who would hurt her so badly? Who would leave her alone in her pain?

His anger is rising up, but the needs of the child overshadow his need for vengeance. Though he does not know this child, her vulnerability captures his heart. And God invites him to change her story.

The man takes her to a shelter. There is medical help there. And they tell her that she will live! He has changed her story! Her journey to health will be long, but her journey to healing will be longer.

This child needs to believe the song of redemption God sang over her as she sank to the dust. She needs to hear him call her name. She needs to know that she is no longer...




She is treasured.


Perhaps God wants to use you to change someone's story today. Would you ask God to show you who you can help? Would you ask God to show you who in your life needs to know they are treasured? Would you change her story? 

With RiverCross, we have the joy of seeing God change the stories of boys and girls, men and women all the time. Over these next weeks, we will be sharing stories with you and inviting you to join us to change their stories.

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Cindy Finley, Global Ministry Director





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