While the actors are critical to our new initiative, Jabota Bridge, our writers, directors, and producers are just as important. We are blessed to have Todd Busteed as our producer and sound engineer. Todd has worked on 115 Adventures in Odyssey programs, multiple Focus on the Family Radio Theatre programs such as Chronicles of Narnia, and on productions by Heirloom Audio , and for Lamplighter Theatre.

Todd lives with his wife, Julie, and their puppy, Bob, in Wheaton, IL where he runs Gap Digital.  For Todd, interest in production technology started young. As a 10 year old, Todd started taking televisions apart just to see what was inside. While other kids were trying out for Little League, Todd was in his room, which was packed with Ham radio gear, chatting with guys in Antartica.

At Loyola, Todd majored in psychology. What a great degree for someone who directs and produces audio drama! During his college years, Todd began his association with Moody Broadcasting, which provided numerous opportunities, experiences, and significant connections. One of those connections was his connection with RiverCross, for which I am eternally grateful. Todd has been engaged with our ministry since the early days. I’m honored to have him onboard! Here’s just a bit of Todd’s role with Jabota Bridge:

  • During pre-production,Todd works with our casting director to assure that we have the best voices for the roles. And he designs our recording schedule so that not a minute is wasted.
  • During production week, Todd is at the soundboard making sure that the dialogue is crisp and clear. He works in tandem with our directors, Kathy Buchanan and Marshal Younger, to be sure that nuance and emotion are both expressed and captured.
  • In post-production, which is where we are now with Jabota Bridge, Todd works through all the rough cuts, connecting a word from this take with a phrase from that one to get the very best result. He lays in the musical score composed by John Campbell, and provides the sound design with effects such as glasses breaking, crickets chirping, and so much more.  

All of this is done for one reason:

To build a bridge of hope for orphans and vulnerable children.

These precious children need a bridge to hope because for many of them, the trauma they have experienced has wounded their hearts and left them without hope. The stories we produce become a bridge of hope transporting them from a wilderness where their trauma defines them to a place where they can experience healing and hope, ultimately hope in Christ.

Our goal is to transform lives. And stories, done well, build a bridge of transformation.

Watch this short clip to hear Todd share his perspective on this process.

We are so thankful for Todd and grateful for his partnership with us to see children meet Christ and experience the transformation that only he can bring.

We are at a critical point with Jabota Bridge with significant funds to raise to complete production. We couldn't produce Jabota Bridge without our actors and producer. And we can't complete production without financial partners. Would you consider joining with Natalia, Rachel, and Todd to build a Jabota Bridge of hope for the children? Help us to get Jabota Bridge to the children who need it most by donating today.

I truly am grateful for your partnership. Together we are building bridges of hope for the world's vulnerable children.

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