Think of a child that you treasure. Maybe she's your daughter, or your niece, or a grandchild. Or simply a child who has become dear to you. You love this little child. Delight in her. In her you see beauty and grace and you view this child as a precious treasure.

And then one day, the unthinkable happens. Tragedy enters her world and her safe, secure, loving environment is ruptured.

Maybe the tragedy is a diagnosis of cancer, or a tragic accident, or her parents' divorce, or even her parents' death. Or maybe the tragedy is directed against her. She's hurt, abused, or something even more unthinkable. I'm sure it hurts you to even think about it.

What would you do for this little girl who is so dear to you? How would you care for her? How would you come alongside her?

Most likely you'd hug her, make sure she's safe and that her basic needs are cared for. But you probably wouldn't stop there. You'd probably care for her heart.

In our community we have a multitude of counselors and ministries that specialize in helping children who have experienced trauma. These counselors and practitioners understand that while shelter, food, and clothing are absolutely critical, we have to care for their hearts. If we don't, the care is only a temporary fix.

Children whose hearts have been broken need healing. But many regions in the world do not have a network of counselors and ministries to care for the hearts of traumatized children. And so, children, like the precious girl you were thinking of, may have some basic needs met, but their hearts stay broken. Eventually most will lose hope and never come to know the One who truly can heal their hearts.

With RiverCross, we build bridges of hope for these children. We equip indigenous caregivers, community leaders, church leaders, and even families in developing nations to care for the hearts of their traumatized children. We equip them to be the hands of Christ in binding up wounds so that He can heal broken hearts.

The Lord heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3