We believe that the world’s vulnerable children need a bridge to hope. Their hearts have been broken by the trauma they have experienced.

Experts estimate that there are more than 140 million orphans in the world.* While this number is staggering, it doesn’t even include children who are living on the street, exploited for labor, victims of trafficking, child soldiers, or living in institutions.

Even if vulnerable children receive shelter, food, clothing, education, and clean water, their hearts are still broken. If their hearts are not healed, they are likely to perpetuate cycles of trauma or continue to live as victims.

And saddest of all, they could die without Christ.

At RiverCross, we build bridges of hope so that these children can cross from a wilderness where their trauma defines them to the place where they experience the fullness of life that Christ intended for each one of them.

We are laser-beam focused on orphans and vulnerable children. Our content is biblically-based trauma-healing wrapped in powerful stories designed to connect with hearts, promote healing, and lead to hope in Christ. With our partnership with TWR, our ministry strategy is both in-the-air and on-the-ground. And our ministry advantage is our relationship with TWR, which gives us access to 371 global staff, 230 languages, and 2000 broadcast outlets.



80% of the world’s people are storycentric learners. Instead of learning by reading or through presentations, storycentric learners retain information best through the power of a great story told well.

Education and training that makes a listener part of the story significantly increases the probability of behavior change. The examples of radio drama performed in South Africa spread throughout the continent altered even the daily schedules of those who would not miss an episode... Dr. Charles Madinger, International Orality Network, Research Chair.

This is why we use audio dramas as the core of our ministry. Embedded with principles of trauma healing and best practices from a biblical perspective, Holding Esther opens the imagination and unlock the hearts of the listener. The characters’ stories invite the listener to apply those same truths to their own experiences and discover the healing found in Jesus.

Holding Esther is designed to equip caregivers of vulnerable children. In Zambia, the program has been tested at the doctoral level to determine principle retention and application success.

RiverCross is not only an audio ministry. We collaborate with ministries and churches to raise awareness, and equip community leaders to build bridges of hope for the orphans and vulnerable children in their midst.

Mary-Ann Phiri, Program Manager with Every Orphan’s Hope in Lusaka, Zambia says, “This program has the power to change orphan care across our country.”

But Zambia is not the only country asking for this program. Leaders in the Philippines, Moldova, Brazil, India, Peru, and in other countries want RiverCross to come to their countries to equip their leaders and produce Holding Esther in their languages.

Upon hearing Holding Esther, ministry leaders began asking, “When will you produce a program for the children?”

We heard this request and are in the process of producing Jabota Bridge, which is being written specifically for orphans and vulnerable children who have experienced trauma.

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